Why People Fail At Healthy Eating

Have you tried to eat more healthily in the past but just couldn’t keep it going? I hear you, you are certainly not alone.

Eating healthy can be a challenge. If it wasn’t everybody out there would be lean, fit and full of energy. Right?

But you know what, eating healthy doesn’t have to be that difficult. There are a few simple reasons why most people fail to eat the right foods and they can all be fixed.

Over the years I have helped a lot of people transition to a healthy plant based diet and found that the struggles are usually always the same.


You would think that knowing what to eat would come naturally to us. With all the conflicting dietary information out there it is hard to know where to turn sometimes.

Luckily there is a large body of evidence that points to one way of eating as being the hands down healthiest way to eat. And that is plant based eating.

It has been scientifically been shown to prevent and even reverse many of our most feared chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Not only that plant based eaters tend to live longer, way less and look younger than people following any other way of eating.

Sounds good, I know!

In my upcoming program the 21 Day Plant Based Boot Camp I am not only going to show you exactly the foods you should be eating and the ones you shouldn’t.

Once these ground rules are in place you will always know what to eat, it will be EASY.


These days we all live pretty busy, hectic lives. More often than not we just grab what is easiest and most convenient to eat. Takeout on the way home, a microwave meal, chocolate bars for a quick pick me up, a bag of chips to fill a gap in the afternoon. None of these foods are good for us, but they are what is available. No wonder we are all struggling with our health and our weight. We are set-up to fail.

But I find that people eat most unhealthy food by default – just because it is handy. So why not make healthy, plant based foods the easiest ones to eat. Surround yourself with healthy options and that is what you will eat.

Can you imagine how that would change your life? What if you opened your fridge in the morning and there was a healthy breakfast waiting for you, sitting right next to a delicious lunch for you to take to work.

Put in the right systems with some planning and prepping and healthy eating will become your default.

My Boot Camp program is designed to show you how to do just this for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is all about health made easy.


When you are making a new change in your life it is so important to have a support network that will help you along during difficult moments in your journey. Unfortunately. this support isn’t always available from family and friends. In fact sometimes those closest to us can be plain unhelpful.

But without a support network you are way less likely to succeed in making a positive change. You need people to help you get passed problems and stay focused and not get tempted or distracted.

As you can’t always find the support you want at home the Plant Based Boot Camp tribe can absolutely help you out.

The program includes live calls when you can address your concerns with me directly as well as a private community where everyone can share their successes and struggles. The program will also provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to be really confident in your choices.

Setting yourself up for a successful transition to healthy eating doesn’t have to be a struggle.

With the right knowledge, tools and support in place your chances of success skyrocket.

Want to learn more about all things plant-based. Get the free mini course : THE PLANT-POWERED STARTER GUIDE


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